• Luminous Rapid 1650 Home UPS
  • Luminous Rapid 1650 Home UPS

Luminous Rapid 1650 Home UPS

  • Производитель: Luminous
  • Модель: Rapid Charge
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • $138.33

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Luminous Rapid Charge is specially designed for customers living in Urban Areas having low Flooring space to keep Backup solution, and still wants to run full house load Such as lighting load, Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Water cooler, Steam Iron etc. Rapid Charge is the fastest Inverter battery charging UPS with 28 amps Charging current. The another advantage of Rapid Charge is that two batteries can be connected with the Inverter, It is a 12V / Single battery system but due to high charging current, it supports charging of two batteries.

Key Feature

Single battery based Inverter for running Heavey load for 3/4 bhk house

Running Load

5 CFL, 5 Tube light , 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 Air Cooler



Battery Support

120 Ah – 220 Ah

Battery System

Single battery / 12V


15 Kg.


27 * 35 *14 CM

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